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We, the Payday Buzz, is one of Canada's most trusted portals for a variety of short-term loans. Our financial products are carefully designed to offer value to our customers. Unlike our other quick loan providers, we understand it is quite baffling to repay the loan fully in one time; that's why we offer a convenient loan solution that lets you pay back in easy installments, weekly or monthly, as per your convenience.

No Hidden Fees

We promise our customers that there are absolutely no hidden costs or extra charges associated with the loan process. So, this means our clients don't have to pay a penny extra than what's agreed on upfront.

Easy Application Process

You can apply for a short-term loan online. The process of the application won't take more than five minutes; all you needed to provide your personal details, contact information, and address. The approval process will be done as quick as 24 hours with a minimum of hassles.

We're Responsible

We'll analyze your application to determine what loan amount you can afford and what repayment plan fits you the best before transferring funds to your bank account. Further, we'll help you to improve your credit rating for future loan applications.

We're completely honest, transparent, and open, so you'll know every minute detail about the loan process upfront. Besides this, you'll have complete peace of mind with convenient repayment package, weekly or monthly, as agreed before early.

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